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Registered Massage Therapy in Mississauga, Ontario

Registered Massage Therapy in Mississauga, Ontario
Massage therapy provides mental and physical relief, and is a natural non-invasive and therapeutic remedy that alleviates sore muscles from overuse, injuries, and chronic pain.

Massage therapy is an experience in which the patient has complete control; massage therapists are there to work with them to aid the body’s natural healing processes.

Through a variety of massage therapy techniques, including deep tissue, our Mississauga registered massage therapists (RMTs) ensure that you will feel the profound effects of your treatment. Your health and wellness are our main concerns.

Registered Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the world’s oldest healing tools and techniques, practiced in both Eastern and Western civilizations worldwide.

During this process, the body’s tissues are manipulated to bring relief to an area that is tense or injured. Massage as a therapy is an excellent treatment and care method that assists in the body’s natural response to pain. Massage therapy is sometimes combined with other practices, including acupuncture, to increase the patient’s recovery rate and wellbeing.

Registered massage therapy is when a certified therapist provides the massage treatments.

Conditions Improved by Massage Therapy

Here are some common conditions that can be managed with registered massage therapy:


Low back pain


Pregnancy-Related issues



Neck and shoulder tension


Whiplash/Vehicular injuries

Post-Injury rehabilitation


Carpal tunnel syndrome

Sports-Related injuries

Relax and take a breather with a professional massage administered by one of our Mississauga massage therapists. Total Care Management will enhance your wellness through different kinds of massage techniques.

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How Our Registered Massage Therapists in Mississauga Can Help

Our team of Mississauga massage therapists evaluate your condition to determine the technique that would be most beneficial, as well as how many days a week the patient will require sessions. Here are some of the massage therapy techniques they will employ: 


Swedish massage

This treatment focuses on relaxing the entire body through rubbing the muscles in long strokes directed towards the heart. Patients usually experience improved blood circulation and flexibility because a Swedish massage increases oxygen in the blood while reducing muscle toxins. A Swedish massage includes other techniques, such as firm kneading and circular pressure.

Deep tissue massage

This treatment is a deeper version of th Swedish massage. It focuses on stimulating the body’s healing by adding more pressure than a Swedish massage through the same movements, including kneading. The additional pressure is to reach the lower levels of muscles, tendons, and fascia. Athletes, as well as individuals with injuries or chronic pain, will benefit the most from a deep tissue massage.

Craniosacral therapy

A light-touch treatment, this type of massage therapy targets the brain and spinal areas to relieve tension and boost the immunity. The massage therapist will gently place their hands in the necessary areas.

Trigger point therapy

Similar to acupuncture, trigger point therapy is where direct pressure is applied to the target areas in muscles, which are called trigger points. This method is used to relieve pain and reduce tension. Since pain is not always in the trigger points, but other areas of the body, the therapist must locate the source.

Our Total Care Management Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) aim to provide an environment in which you feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. We encourage open communication with our patients. 

We work with them before sessions to fully understand their health condition and what they expect to gain from their sessions.

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Whether you’re suffering from everyday pain or have injured muscles, our registered massage therapists are here to get you on the path towards good health and wellness. 

Total Care Management offers many therapeutic treatments, including acupuncture, so be sure to speak with our specialists to learn more about our services and how we can best provide for your needs.

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