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Rehabilitation Centre in Mississauga, Ontario

Welcome to Total Care Management

Since 2000, our physiotherapists have been helping the Mississauga community through natural treatments and therapies to alleviate their muscle pain and tension.

Whether you have a simple muscle strain or have been involved in an accident, the professionals at Total Care Management are here to get to the root of the problem and restore your health with rehabilitation solutions.

Hours of Operation

9am – 7pm

9:30am – 2:30pm


Safety is our first priority! Our clinic is going above and beyond in terms of sanitation procedures and personal protective equipment to keep you safe during each visit to our facility.
Get on the Road to Recovery
In pain? Our Mississauga rehabilitation centre offers many health and recovery services and programs. Work with our physiotherapists to get the therapy you need.
About Total Care Management

The staff members at our facility strive to make Total Care Management the best rehabilitation centre – not just in Mississauga, but in all of Ontario! Every patient receives the absolute best in health and wellness services to improve their mobility, reduce their pain and speed their recovery.

Our team of physiotherapists provide the latest in medical practices to bring effective programs to the community. Our rehabilitation centre also provides useful products to complement our physiotherapy and rehab services.


Our rehabilitation centre offers these physiotherapy services:


Common Pains and Day-to-Day Care

We will improve your everyday quality of life with treatments and therapies that are unique to your situation, whether you sleep wrong or strained a muscle while working around the house.

Physical Therapy

 Through our many treatment options, our Mississauga physiotherapists will help you rebuild your strength, so you can get back to doing the things you love.

Car Accident Injury

We’re passionate about helping accident victims recover as quickly and painlessly as possible. The physiotherapy services at our rehabilitation clinic are extensive and designed to pinpoint the source of the pain.

Acupuncture Mississauga

This ancient practice works wonders in stimulating the body’s self-healing process, making it an essential part of our rehabilitation programs. It brings physical and mental relief to a variety of health conditions.

Workplace Injury

Let us analyze your condition and create a targeted treatment plan that will answer your body’s needs while providing future preventative methods. Our physiotherapists ensure that you make a speedy recovery.

Registered Massage Therapy

Experience a professional massage administered by a licensed therapist. Our clinic offers several massage therapy techniques for you to benefit from the best care. Registered massage therapy may be combined with other physiotherapy services.

Chiropractic Care

We help all kinds of patients, especially athletes with sports injuries. Our chiropractic care is a form of rehabilitation that has been shown to help the muscles relax while boosting blood circulation.

Custom Orthotics

If you suffer from diabetes, plantar fasciitis or other medical foot conditions, we can make custom-made inserts for your shoes to increase comfort and range of movement.

Total Care Management’s rehabilitation centre provides products that will add value to patients’ physiotherapy services. 

Compression Hosiery

Do you sit for long periods of time and suffer from fatigue or swelling? Increase your circulation with our high-quality compression socks.

TENS Machine

These portable machines stimulate natural pain relievers in the body through electrical impulses for immediate relief. Speak with our therapists to find out if you need this type of therapy.

Custom Bracing

Braces are a rehabilitation solution that alleviates patients’ pain by shifting the weight away from the damaged area. Our specialists will provide you with a custom brace suitable for your condition.
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